What kind of music do you play?
I play an appropriate mix for the audience. I often never know what songs I will play until I get an idea of what the general tastes of the crowd will be. Age range, venue, manner of dress and just watching peoples reactions are all used to select just the right mix.
Do you take requests?
Virtually every Disc Jockey will take requests. I occasionally do shows where over half of the songs I play are requests. I will occasionally refuse to play a song that is inappropriate for the event. If a young teen were to ask me to play Godsmack at a wedding I would either politely decline to play it or get the bride's OK before unleashing it on the guests.
Can I see what songs you have?
Like most DJs, I have dozens of songs you might like to request and thousands of songs you probably would not request. Rather than have you go through a list of random songs, its usually better for you to mention songs or artists that you like and I can play what I have or make suggestions.
Are your shows more lively or are they laid back?
That depends on if you want your show to be lively or more low key. I am not a cheesy party animal type of DJ and do not string together hours of techno beats. I play music that people are generally familiar with and let the music do most of the work. For weddings, I tend to keep things low key early on to give the guests a chance to mingle, then once the cake is cut, let the good times roll.
Can you provide music and microphones for my wedding ceremony?
As long as the wedding and the reception are at the same location, I can provide a sound system for the ceremony and have done so several times.
Can I have karaoke at my wedding/event?
Yes, I do not charge extra to add karaoke to your event. It is subject to availablity as the karaoke system is used by multiple DJs.